My physical activity before starting this program was mainly running with some light weight lifting here and there.

I wanted to start this fitness program with Tom because I had been struggling to lose weight “on my own.” I felt as though I needed more accountability!

My top two goals when I started was to reach my goal weight (110 lbs.) and to be more toned.

While working with Tom I had discovered that there was a lot more to this whole process than I thought! I didn’t realize that I beat myself up over eating sweets, pizza, etc… And I would sulk in the misery of feeling like I failed for the day, therefore I would just continue to go down hill, and tell myself I would “start again tomorrow.” Working with Tom made me realize that you can have these “craving” foods, just in moderation. He also helped me work through triggers. I didn’t really realize that that was a thing.

He also made me realize that, this fitness journey was going to be a MARATHON not a SPRINT and if I wanted to achieve my goals it was going to take TIME. There is no magical pill or detox tea that I can take that will just get me to shed 15 lbs (although I had hoped). I am a sucker for instant gratification! Aren’t we all?

With that being said, my top 3 achievements with Tom during my 3 months of training have been:

1) Recognizing that you can get back up on the wagon once you fall off, don’t beat yourself up over having a cookie. Eat the cookie, but make sure it fits within your caloric plan. Failure only comes when you decide to give up. So learning from my mistakes was a huge achievement for me.

2) I have a new found love for lifting weights and I now lift more weights than I do running, by doing so I have noticed that I am a lot more toned than I used to be and I love it.

3) This might be an odd achievement but, I did not reach my “weight goal” BUT I achieved feeling more comfortable in my own skin because I am more toned and I like what I see in the mirror, the number on the scale just messes with my head sometimes, and ultimately I achieved more confidence in myself and a better understanding of this whole “fitness” process 🙂

I enjoyed being able to actually form a relationship deeper than “personal trainer” with Tom. I feel as though we developed a friendship through this journey and I am so grateful for that. A lot of people hear the words “personal trainer” and think, “Oh so you have someone yelling at you all the time about your workout and food choices?!” and this was nothing like that.

Honestly, there were so many times when I thought Tom was going to get mad or be disappointed in me, but I never felt that negativity from him. He always rerouted my hick ups and got me right back on track, although I’m sure this isn’t easy for Tom to do in all situations, he sure did a good job with me!

If I were to refer a friend to Tom’s program I would tell them that they will only get out of it what they put in to it. Tom isn’t there to do the work for you. He is there to guide you, encourage you, and occasionally, laugh with you. Because although a weight loss/fitness program doesn’t sound fun, Tom did make it FUN and funny!

To anyone who is just starting I would simply say, “don’t give up.” Because man, were there some days when it just felt like that was the answer. And maybe there were moments when I gave up? But I let those moments pass, I talked with Tom about my struggles, and he was always there to help me, even through his LIFE.

During my fitness journey with Tom he had; Moved, got married, and renovated a house, all while STILL COACHING ME! He made our relationship a priority and it was great to have someone who was there for me, because it gave me that reassurance not to give up on MYSELF!

Tom taught me, not to be so hard on myself, and dammit that wasn’t easy. I think I would rather run 5 miles than forgive myself for eating 5 cookies (that was the old me). Today, if I eat 5 cookies, I know that that wasn’t part of the “plan” today but I don’t let myself go all out and eat everything that’s bad in sight, and continue to just beat myself up over it. I get back up on the wagon, brush off my shoulders, and get my eyes focused back on that goal!