“I feel like if someone, specifically a friend, wanted a trainer, Tom would be at the top of the list of people I recommend.”

Pat came to me wanting to understand more about nutrition. What foods he should be consuming, why he should eat them, and how they were going to benefit him.

A few of his goals he had stated he’d like to accomplish were:

1] I want to see what my body can do when it is both fed and worked at an optimum level.

2] Long term health. The knowledge of what to eat, how much to eat and why. To gain long term knowledge to help support a healthy nutritious life.

3] I want to see veins popping out of my eye balls and muscles coming out of my fingers.

From the looks of his photos, I’d say it’s pretty clear he accomplished all 3 of these. He looks damn near “stage ready” currently.

Pat achieved his results by:
-Increasingly his knowledge on nutrition
-Tracking his food and calorie intake
-Being consistently good, not occasionally perfect

-Still eating the foods he enjoyed
-Still drinking alcohol
-Still enjoying social events with friends

Here are a few things Pat had to say about his experience working with me so far:

“When I first started working with Tom I was pretty concerned that he was inflexible with my training program. I already was working out 6 days a week, hard, I felt like I didn’t need to change that side up. Rather than forcing the work out program on me, he just purely suggested that I track my workouts. Which was the first time I have ever done that and it was awesome to see where I was coming from and where I was going on a daily basis.

I also never had even counted a single calorie in my 28 years on this Earth. I didn’t even know where to begin, but Tom provided great tools and obviously his vast knowledge to help get me started. I now know an egg is roughly 80-100 calories, and a 22 Oz milk shake is gonna run you about 1000 calories. Choose wisely.

Tom is great at communicating and also sticking to his guns. He believes in what he is teaching and it shows. My top two goals were to become more knowledgeable about what I was putting into my body and why and also to cut out any fat that was on my body. Training with Tom has provided me the ability to:

-Understand the amount of calories I need for my body
-Good calories vs. Empty calories
-Knowledge and power of what tracking can do for anything

The thing I enjoyed most about working with Tom was his passion for what he does. He is available to talk, he uses social media and technology to the best of its uses (he was in Minnesota and I was in CO for the second half of our training but it mattered not.) Tom is available, knowledgeable and passionate about his business. I am very happy I chose to train with Tom.

I feel like if someone, specifically a friend, wanted a trainer, Tom would be at the top of the list of people I recommend. He has everything set up for a program and person to be successful, you get a strong return on your investment, and in reality I think I got more than just a trainer out of the program, I got a life long buddy. Thanks Tom!”

Proud of you my man! Keep up the great work!