“I love how Tom checks in weekly to see how things are going, and that he answers all my questions!

I think my biggest reservation right away was that I knew I would be running much less! I love running for so many things, one being I felt it kept me somewhat in shape, and I thought running less would mean I would become so out of shape. Obviously not the case. And I feel like I actually love running so much more now knowing that it doesn’t define how “in shape” I am.

Tom has really helped me by not completely eliminating running, but incorporating it into my weekly workouts! He was able explain the importance and benefits of why weight training, along with proper nutrition, are such important components in maintaining an everyday healthy lifestyle. Just running was definitely was not cutting it!

I think my top two goals were to lose weight and be in shape, and I wanted to do so in such a way that would be sustainable and become a lifestyle, not just an unsustainable quick fix.

Tom helped me do just that. I lose weight, and have learned SO MUCH about lifting weights and proper nutrition.

What I like most about working with Tom is that he is very knowledgeable and approachable, and what he has taught me is so realistic and sustainable. I don’t feel like I’ll burn out or get tired of things, but have been taught a new healthy way of living!

My life has been so positively impacted in such a healthy way! I am so sincerely grateful and appreciative for everything he has taught me!!”

-Nicole Shufelt