What was your lifestyle & physical activity like before starting the program?

A few weeks before I started working with Tom I got out of a nearly year-long relationship. I realized afterward that that relationship was not allowing me to be the best version of myself that I could be and would not have allowed me to flourish. We were often going out, drinking, and ordering food instead of cooking healthy meals at home. I was going to the gym pretty regularly but had no clue what I was doing in regard to strength training and thought that 30 mins on a treadmill would off-set the frequent beer & pizza (FALSE).

What made you want to get started?

I realized that I was never happy when I looked in the mirror or stepped on the scale. I finally had a moment where I forced myself to change my mindset and recognize that I was not happy. I realized that any excuse I had to not jump in were simply that; excuses.

Can you describe your 1 or 2 top goals when you started?

My two top goals when I started were to lose fat and get stronger. I also wanted to create for myself a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating habits & exercise which would still allow for me to enjoy the foods that I like and spend time with friends/family.

In point form, can you list your top 3 achievements with training thus far?

• My mindset towards nutrition and fitness has completely changed. I now view food as fuel and am generally much more mindful of what I am using to fuel my body and my workouts. Due to this change I no longer feel guilty about indulging on my favorite treats in moderation because I know that I am properly fueling my body 90% of the time.

• I have lost weight, lost inches and feel so much stronger. Before working with Tom, I had an unhealthy relationship with the scale and saw that number as the only means of measuring my progress. Taking measurements, and progress pictures and seeing the visible difference in those really helped me mentally along the way.

• I have gained so much self-confidence and love/respect for my body. Before working with Tom I was very hard on myself about my appearance and that put me in a tough spot mentally. Anytime I would send Tom a progress update it was met with so much positivity, reassurance and motivational words that totally boosted my confidence and desire to keep going! I remember telling Tom at the very beginning (Jan 2020) that I didn’t want to cover myself up this summer and I wanted to wear the damn bikini! Come July of 2020, I have been out on the lake with friends and family multiple times this summer and have not once felt like I needed to hide myself.

What did you like most about working with me?

The thing I enjoyed most about working with Tom is how available/responsive he is. I can only imagine that he has a large list of clients, but any time I reached out with a question about my program or sent an update, he was quick to respond and so helpful. Throughout the course of my training he always made me feel like I was his only client and was incredibly encouraging!

If you were to refer a friend to Tom, what would you tell them?

If I were to refer a friend I would tell them that this program is so unique and accessible because it is entirely online. Tom is personable, encouraging and not one of those scary personal trainers you see in the gym who thinks yelling is a good form of encouragement. The program is tailored personally to you and your individual goals so when you walk into the gym or the kitchen, you are not intimidated and you feel like you know what you are doing! It is like having a trainer in your back pocket. You can go to the gym when it works best for you, or choose to do your workouts at home when it fits YOUR schedule. Tom consistently goes out of his way to ensure that you feel like you’re staying connected, being held accountable and always continuing to progress closer to your goals. I can’t say enough good things about this program!

What do you believe I helped you out with the most when it comes to achieving your goals?

I think what helped me the most was the constant motivation and accountability. Anytime I had an “off” day, or week, Tom always showed me so much grace while at the same time pushing me to want to do better for myself. I never once felt judged.

If someone was on “the edge” with getting started with my program, what would you say to them?

Any reason that someone can possibly be on “the edge” is because they are still making excuses. You have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain from this experience. Quit with the excuses and JUST DO IT!