Give it up to our 8 week challenge *WINNER* Kelli Anderson!
Through our knowledge and education in our program, Kelli has been able to make some impressive progress over the past 8 weeks!
She has lost 10 POUNDS over the HARDEST TIME OF THE YEAR to lose weight!
She is having fun, finding balance, and enjoying the process along the way!
But don’t just take it from me, here’s what Kelli had to say about her program time and process so far…
“Everything that you’ve done has been so great and helpful towards me, my life, and my goals!
I love that you PUSH ME to challenge myself and make progress every week! I have had strength coaches before whom I worked with 4 days a week at college to make sure we were pushing ourselves as much as we could. But the effort that I get from you to make sure that I understand everything and am doing well is the BEST I have ever seen from anyone! It’s been so helpful!
One reservation I had before beginning this program was that my nutrition was a struggle just because I wasn’t completely educated on the “goods and the bads”. You were able to help me get over that obstacle and educate me on what I should be putting into my body and how much of it I should consume for my specific body type and goals.
My top goals when I started were to:
Lose weight- which I did and am still doing!
Gain muscle- which I did and am still also doing!
My top three achievements with my training and nutrition program thus far have been:
1. Tracking what I eat and making sure that I am striving towards meeting my macros.
2. Dropping 10 pounds. I worked hard over 8 weeks to push myself to do that and I was very excited when I saw where I was at!
3. Increasing my weights to continuously lift more and more each time I went to the gym to make sure that I was pushing myself to get better.
I like that you guys are both so honest, helpful, and friendly. I felt so welcome and comfortable asking you guys any questions I needed answered. Even when I needed to call Sam because I wasn’t understanding the bulk of the nutrition plan, I thought the time he made to help me was phenomenal!
Not being in person with me as a client is difficult because you don’t SEE everything that I do in the gym everyday. But with the honesty with you guys, I know that I could tell you when I was struggling and you were ALWAYS there to help.
I have actually told multiple people about you guys! I tell them that being and online client can be hard if they really don’t know what they are doing in the gym and need someone to stand there and physically tell them what to do it probably wouldn’t be the best fit. But if they understand the basics of lifting weights, with the amazing education, support, communication, and accountability you guys offer, it’s COMPLETELY WORTH IT!
You guys are actually MORE helpful than I could ever imagine and if there’s a question I have, I know you’ll always answer it. I love that you push everyone and post helpful tips online that are always in assistance to me.
Once you start, it only got easier as it went on because I had more energy and motivation to push myself!
I think that everything I got out of my program so far has been very helpful. I can’t wait to continue on my journey to a happier and healthier version of ME with your assistance and support!
Thanks so much for everything!”
-Kelli Anderson
Great job Kelli! We are so proud of you and that hard work you have put in to better yourself! Let’s keep CRUSHIN’ it!
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