#TransformationTuesday from my amazing client Crystal!
Her 8 week progress so far:
>* 5 POUNDS of fat GONE.
>* 7 INCHES (5.5 inches from midsection) GONE!
>* She has gained MUSCLE & lost FAT simultaneously with my program.
What’s her secret??
1. A flexible nutrition approach
2. No food restrictions
3. Lifting weights 3 days per week
4. ZERO cardio
5. Hard work
Crystal is extremely busy, works full time, and is a full time mom of 3 beautiful children.
But she MAKES time to come in and workout with me just 3 days a week for 45 min at a time.
Here is a few things she has to say about her experience working with me:
“I love that you are so flexible and work around my crazy schedule, you remind me when I’m supposed to be there, you listen to my crazy life and we have great conversations.
I feel and see results. You correct me when I’m doing something wrong, and push me to do “one more”. I always feel better when I leave and I enjoy my time there. I think you are really good at your job and I’m glad that it worked out that I ended up working with you.
I couldn’t be happier! I knew we were making progress but these results are truly amazing. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the work you have done. If Antonia looking for a trainer I would definitely recommend Tom. He is so awesome, and if he can work with me, he can work with anyone! Like I said I feel good and I owe it all to you. Thanks for everything Tom. You’re amazing!”
-Crystal Frederick
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