“The progress I have made is something I could never have thought of, let alone achieve, without the help of TFF.”

That’s right, I don’t just work with women! Colin’s progress clearly show the hard work and dedication he has put in. He is a perfect example of DOING THE WORK. He may be the hardest working male I’ve ever coached. His goal was to be ripped as f@$k… I’d say he’s done pretty well at that! The reason he’s been so successful: commitment and consistency.

Here are a few things Colin has to say about his experience so far:

“I began working with Twin Fitness Fix (TFF) in April 2016. Prior to this time, I had been an athlete my entire life and had been lifting weights since 2012. When I started lifting, completely on my own, my workout routines consisted of “common sense” and “word-of-mouth;” my nutrition plan was supplements, supplements and more supplements. I could see gains in the gym with how much weight I could lift and not in my body’s frame.

I had known Tom and Sam for a while and knew how successful they were in the gym. For the longest time, I attributed the difference in our progress to simply how long they had been lifting weights compared to how long I had been. One day, however, I saw a TFF Facebook post where TFF had helped someone make significantly more progress than I had made independently; I had been lifting longer and their progress was much more significant than mine.

At this point, I realized I needed help; there was/is no one I trust more in the area of fitness and athletics than Tom and Sam.

So, I inquired about applicable TFF programs to my goals: muscle definition and athletic performance. TFF responded to my inquiry with much care, respect and attunement. I was informed that it is TFF’s policy to customize programs for individual needs and goals; so, a program for both the gym and the kitchen would be customized for me and my goals.

Ever since day 1, TFF has been supportive and informative; they do not tell me what to do; instead, they speak with me about goals, strengths and struggles. They help me with adjustments and understandings in the gym and in the kitchen.

Since beginning work with TFF, my knowledge of nutrition has expanded immeasurably, my body fat percentage has dropped greatly and my athletic performance has peaked. The progress I have made is something I could never have thought of, let alone achieve, without the help of TFF.

If I had to say one thing that has helped most with my progress, I would say nutrition. Through consistent consultation, TFF has helped to increase my knowledge of nutrition and development/implementation of my flexible nutrition plan – not a diet.”