Check out my amazing client Alyssa!
The picture on the left, is Alyssa before working with me. Here is what she has to say about the person she was…
“This was taken April 2015 when I weighed the heaviest I have ever been. I was exercising almost daily between running and dance practices (no weight training) but was also partying and eating junk on the weekends, consuming more calories than I was burning.
I came home that summer and was like holy sh*t this is not okay! I lost about 10 pounds that summer between eating healthier and working out. I kept that 10 pounds off but plateaued and couldn’t lose anymore until I started with you.”
Alyssa has been working with me for ONLY 8 WEEKS, and here are her results so far (picture on the right)…
*She has lost 9 POUNDS
*Decreased her bf% from 22% to 14%
*Dramatically improved her relationship with food
*Looks & FEELS amazing!
-Less than 3 hours A WEEK in the gym
-Very little cardio
-No food restrictions
Here are her thoughts on her program so far…
“I seriously could not be happier with this program!! I love that I can still enjoy all my favorite foods and make progress toward my goals!
I love the fact that I don’t feel restricted which I believe helps with my cravings to want “junky” food. I love flexible dieting because I don’t have to feel left out or deprive myself of fun outings with friends!
Seriously though, if only I knew how NOT HARD flexible dieting was a year ago! But again, I obviously couldn’t have done it without your help so THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
-Alyssa Alward
This stuff make me so happy.
I love my job.
-Tom Jorgenson