Check out my rockstar online clients (@leashcar22) 12 Week Transformation!

So far, Alicia has lost:
•21 INCHES OFF her body!

•14 of those inches lost around her midsection!

Alicia had gained:
💪🏼Muscle & strength
❤️Love for herself in her own skin
🤓Knowledge to make this a healthy lifestyle change

Here’s what Alicia has to say about her experience so far:

“Tom clearly laid out everything that was expected of me and how his program works. I loved that I was able to ask questions whenever I needed and always received an answer.
My top goal was weight loss in general and then my second goal was to feel comfortable/happy with my body.
My Top 3 Achievements so far have been:
• Losing 34 pounds in 3 months along with multiple inches off my measurements

• Education on how to live a healthy lifestyle and have implemented it.

• Gained lots of muscle and am happy in my own skin!

I really enjoyed working with Tom because I could ask a question at any time and knew he would answer. I also really enjoyed our video check-ins!
If I were to give some advice to those just starting out, know that you don’t have to drastically change everything you do right away. You can start small. Start reading the labels and checking the macros to just be aware. Then go from there and add things in slowly. It doesn’t have to happen all at once! It’s much more sustainable this way as you’ll learn as you go!

Tom’s program is much more than just an exercise program. You get loads of education on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I would also say that it’s made me super passionate about being healthy and caring for my body. 🙂

If anyone is “on the fence” in started with Tom, seriously Just. Do. It. The hardest thing is to start. You will not regret it and Tom is great!

He is super helpful and passionate about his work, which makes it contagious! He is friendly and is always there to celebrate your accomplishments with you. Thank you so much Tom!”