“I loved myself then and I love myself now. But there IS a difference, a difference I am proud of and you had a big something to do with that.”

Right away, I had reservations of an “online” program and the cost. Would it be worth the amount of money? Would I really be learning anything new? Would I see results as I am not in my 20’s?

Tom helped positively answer all of my reservations I had. For me, it was just time and proof. Time for the changes to take place (with that I mean for my mindset to change and adapt to the structure you were providing for me to receive the maximum benefit) and proof.. well that has happened slowly but had “the moment” the other night at the gym.

Top 2 goals I had for myself:
1. To challenge myself and my body.
2. To get back into a routine of self love by eating right, getting sleep and working out.

My Top 3 accomplishments I achieved:
1. Difference in how my clothes fit me!
2. Building my BOOTY. (beginning of one.)
3. Learning to weight lift properly with confidence!

What I really enjoyed about working with Tom is that he is super easy to talk too. He understands things comes up, set backs happen, and life problems are part of the process. The gym isn’t life but life with the gym helps! He is also very professional, creates structure for me, and listens to my concerns and take them into consideration in our personal program. He takes his job as a coach seriously and means business, which is why I got the results I did!

If I were to (and I have) refer you to a friend, I would tell them that you are relatable, down to earth, and passionate. Be ready for the commitment and expectations that you set forth as you will be held to that standard.. which is good as it aides the results. It really isn’t a “show up once a week for a check in” but much more and WORTH the investment. I would also mention (and have to a few that have asked) that you are able to work with broad customer base and that comes with the knowledge you have acquired. You are non-judgmental and understand that everyone is in different places with their fitness journey. I would also tell them go for it! 🙂

I threw on my finishers shirt from the TC 10 Mile this past October, about a month before we started working together and noticed it felt good.. as in fitting better. Then when I got to the gym I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.. now normally I’m NOT a gym selfie person. BUT, I “saw” myself and I was proud.

About 10 from my nursing class ran the 10 mile in October and we took a picture so I did a comparison.. and wow. I loved myself then and I love myself now. But there IS a difference, a difference I am proud of and you had a big something to do with that.

The October ‘before’ pic was an average of 4-5 days/week of running logging about 9-12 miles per week and average diet with loose counting so to say. ‘

After is 3 days lifting and an average of 2 days running/other with flexible ‘dieting’. I feel like this before after & does my work justice. It’s the appearance that means the most to me. Not the scale or measurements. (Although I will take the 10 inches and almost 10 lbs. loss) THANK YOU!

-Jenner Dagaler