Here we are again – the season of giving! Which, in the workplace usually involves sweet treats and homemade snowman  shaped sugar cookies. And when you’re trying to avoid the holiday weight gain, it can feel like all of the forces are against you.

Grabbing a piece of candy every now and then may seem harmless, but it can easily steer you in the wrong direction and may undo some of your hard work you’ve made, if you’re not mindful.

A tree shaped Reese’s here, a homemade cookie there.. it can be easy to mindlessly eat these goodies throughout the day.

I hear ya, and I’m here for ya!

So are a few tips to conquer holiday treats at the office so you can stay on Santa’s “Nice List” this Christmas (yes, he’s watching you…)

Rather than deprivation, find a way to distract yourself so that you can delay eating it until you can sit down and actually enjoy it.

Choose one or two pieces that are your favorite and savor every bite, guilt free! Being afraid or trying to avoid Karen’s incredible “Special K bars” can be no fun and could potentially lead to a big “cave” of them later on. No bueno.

Instead, choose a treat you truly love and enjoy it! This doesn’t mean popping it into your mouth quickly while you’re walking to your next meeting. But instead, sit down and slowly eat the treat. Be fully present in that moment. Push away any feelings of potential guilt and be consciously aware of all the wonderful sensations you’re experiencing. Thoroughly enjoy it!

Give yourself permission to choose one treat a day and enjoy it as a dessert or snack.

Have more than a few one day?

Hey, that’s totally okay!

It’s important to understand that one day will NOT ruin your progress or set you back in the grand scheme of things.

In the grand scheme of things, one treat, one meal, one day, even a full weekend of overindulging will not ruin your hard earned progress. One strategy I tell me clients:

“Never miss twice.”

Have one meal or a few too many indulgences? No problem. Rather than the oh so popular  “ah f@%k it!” mentality and going off the rails for the rest of the day… slow your roll. Your day is not ruined. Make your next meal your best meal. Because the truth is, you are only one bite away from being right back on track with your goals. Yep, it’s that simple.

Enjoy your treat, then move on with your day and your goals!

I hope a few of these tips were helpful for you. If so, leave a comment below! And if you have any other tips, I’d love to hear yours!

Happy holidays!