✨🎃Happy Halloween!👻✨

So I am guessing a lot of you parents out there are going to be handing out candy to the cute little trick or treaters tonight. 

In the past years, you’ve probably snuck more bite size candies this night than you’d care to admit… Hey, no judgement here ✋🏼 

But you don’t want that this year. 

Because you have health & fitness goals you want to achieve. 

So let’s go over some SCARY😱EFFECTIVE strategies to help you OWN & CONQUER Halloween night with your health & fitness goals in mind:

1] First things first, If you haven’t bought your Halloween candy yet, purchase the kinds that you DISLIKE THE MOST. Why? Because they’ll be less tempting and you will be less likely to eat them or have the urge to.

2] Change your expectations.

Maybe Halloween hasn’t gone too well for you in the past. Why? Maybe you’ve snuck a piece of candy for yourself after every time you hand them out to kids. 

Did you know that each mini piece of candy can range from 60-120 calories? Unfortunately, that adds up REAL QUICK. 

Or maybe you have a ton of extra candy left so you decide to go HAM on it so then it’s “all gone and out of the house.” 

These examples are behaviors you have come to expect from yourself because well, it happens every year. 

It’s time to change your expectations of yourself. If you tend to eat half the candy bowl yourself and go to bed that night with guilt and shame, change your game plan for the night. 

Visualize how you want the night to go… Think about how you want the night to look like… Change your expectations on what this night has looked like for you in the past, and how it can look for you now in the present. 

3] Set some rules. 

You’re an adult, it’s time to eat like one. Setting yourself some simple rules can make this night a guilt free breeze, and a treat for you as well. 

Below are just examples, and should be implemented at a realistic goal for YOU. Whatever represents and improvement for you here is what you should shoot for. With that said, challenge yourself. Get outside your comfort zone. A few examples of a rule you can set for yourself:

“If I workout today, I can treat myself to 2 pieces of candy.”

“If I stick to my nutrition plan all day, and have healthy and fat loss friendly meals that support my goals, I can treat myself to a piece of candy.”

If you usually have wine or beer at night, swap it out for a piece of candy of your choosing instead.

Get physical. For every piece of candy you have, complete 10 push ups, 20 body weight squats, and 30 sit ups. Put that extra energy to good use!

If you plan to have more than 3 pieces of candy, track them in your food diary for the day and fit them into your macros ensuring you stay within your daily calorie goal. Easy peasy.


Place it somewhere that you will constantly see it, like right next to the candy bowl. It could be some kind of motivational quote to keep you on track with your goals. Or it could be a checklist with something like this:

“I can choose 3 pieces of candy tonight & have them whenever I want. 

My 3 candies:




This gives you a VISUAL goal to shoot for, keep yourself accountable, and s “win” to accomplish, so you can feel good about your achievements and still treat yo’ self.

5] If you have extra candy left over, I can take care of that for you. Message me, I’ll send you my address and you can mail it to me. It’s off your hands, and I’d be happy to do you that favor. You’re welcome. 

Let me know if any of these strategies help you out!

Happy Halloween!🎃 👻