How does online training work?

We work with clients all over the nation. As long as you have email and internet access, you have everything you’ll need to receive and send the necessary training and nutrition programs and any additional information needed to make this program work for you. Whether you live down the street from us or thousands of miles away, you will receive the same high quality service.

Do I need a gym membership?

It is recommended, but not required. We can set up workout programs for you to perform in the comfort of your home.

Can you diagnose my injury?

No, we cannot legally diagnose your injury. If needed, we will refer you out to a physical therapist, physician, or other healthcare provider to better assist you.

My schedule changes all the time. Can you work with that?

Absolutely! That’s what’s so great about online training… the flexibility! You choose the days that are convenient for you to train. No appointments necessary.

What if I’m traveling during the program?

As long as you let us know one week in advance, we can adjust your training so you can train and travel!

What is the investment of this program?

Investments can range from $167-$299 per month depending on which program you select.

How long do your online training programs last?

We have 3 program options: A minimum of 3 months, recommendation of 6 months to 12 months for best results. This is not a “quick fix” training program, and for some, the process will take longer to achieve their goals.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, payments can be made automatically on a monthly basis.

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